Natural Meat Products

Natural Grass Fed Beef in Colorado Springs Tasty, healthy, affordable meat! We have been producing quality beef, pork and poultry in the Rush area for over 20 years. We have been PQA, BQA and EAP certified. We put the same care and expertise into your meat as we do our own.

We use no growth promotion or hormones. We administer disease prevention vaccines only between birth and weaning to eliminate any possibility of residue at market weight.IMG_2881

Our beef are pasture raised and grass finished. Our pork lives outdoors and is grown and finished on corn, milo and soy bean meal. Our poultry is cage free and corn finished.

We sell “on the hoof”. Cost per pound based on current market.

Natural Pork in Colorado Springs COBeef orders include whole, half or quarter beef. Pork orders include whole or half. Poultry orders by advance arrangement only. Delivery to custom processor included in purchase price. Pick up and delivery of your order to your home is available.


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