Bachelor Fries

I am rather new at this blog thing so please bear with me..:) I haven’t any pertinent industry news: cattle prices have come down some and stabilized, hog prices are about the same and as usual poultry is whatever it costs to produce.

Some visitors to the website may not understand how our produce sells so I will try to explain: I sell on the hoof; meaning you purchase a live animal, I deliver it to the processor of your choice for a small fee and you place a custom cut sheet with and pay the processor . I can and will pick up and deliver you packaged meat to you for a nominal fee as well.

I am going to put some suggested “quick” meal recipes on my blog but I am gearing them to the frozen meat products you will receive from your processor. You may purchase fresh cuts of pasture fattened beef and natural pork and poultry from some of the specialty grocery stores but my goal is to supply you with the most affordable high quality meat possible, which means you need to have a freezer to take advantage of buying bulk “on the hoof”.

That said most of the suggestions will assume a meal for a family of four. Please keep in mind that all recipes including mine are only suggested ways of preparing your families’ food.

This recipe is one I have been using for around forty years and I call it “Bachelor Fries”: You need;

A 12 inch skillet with a semi tight fitting lid

1/4 cup olive oil

1 pound pasture fattened lean ground beef

1 large onion

2 cloves fresh garlic *

4 medium large potatoes

1 12 oz can (or bottle) plain domestic beer *

1 12.5 oz can of creamed corn *

salt and pepper to taste

Start your skillet heating on a low  setting. Add olive oil.  dice onion and garlic rather course, slice potatoes into medallions

Increase heat to medium high. Add onion and garlic, allow to sweat just a little. Add lean ground beef, stir until uniformly browned

Distribute potato slices evenly atop ground beef. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Add beer, bring to a rapid boil.

Add creamed corn atop sliced potatoes (don’t stir ) reduce heat to a bubbling simmer, cover and simmer for 20 minutes or until potatoes are soft

Serve with a tossed green salad and you have a one pot meal for a family of four in less time than it would take to order a pizza !!

*if fresh garlic or onion are not available powder is acceptable

*water may be used in place of beer but it will add to the cook time required for the potatoes

*whole peas or green beans can be used with any of your favorite condensed canned soups (cream of mushroom, celery etc.)

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